Women – Accelerate! Why Hesitate?

Leadership Development Program

In-House Program

Program Overview

Broadview Women – Accelerate! Why Hesitate? development program for women leaders can now be customized to be delivered as an exclusive in-house offering for organizations.  The content of Women – Accelerate! Why Hesitate? can be tailored to coordinate with an organization’s existing leadership development curriculum.


Workshop Description

For more than 10 years women leaders have been using Broadview’s leadership development tools to understand how their leadership presence is perceived by others and to develop plans to enhance it to expand their potential as a leader.  Based upon the experience of our clients’ women leaders and the results of a large national research study of women leaders, Broadview developed a new leadership development program called Women – Accelerate! Why Hesitate?


Too often a woman’s leadership presence does not reflect her true potential as a leader. Becoming a strong woman leader begins with defining a clear, strong sense of her leadership identity.  A woman leader then asserts her leadership by taking actions that make a difference in a way that reinforces her confidence in her leadership identity.  How others perceive her leadership activities will determine if she is capable for taking on more important leadership roles.


As a woman leader’s capabilities grow and opportunities to demonstrate them expand, her path to becoming a well-regarded leader will accelerate. Confidently applying one’s leadership identity will result in establishing a leadership presence that will greatly expand her potential as a leader.  Learn more …


Program Specifications

  • Length of workshop: 1-day
  • Facilitation: The session will be conducted by Broadview certified facilitator
  • Number of participants:  Up to 30 participants/session
  • Cost: $375/participant; includes use of e-learning program, workshop materials and facilitation fees
  • Venue and refreshments provided by client


“The insightful content and powerful tools in this program added to my confidence and ambition as a women leader. I find myself revisiting my ‘Personal Brand Tool Kit’ frequently while navigating the daily challenges of being a leader.”

Christina Agar, Sales and Marketing Portfolio Manager, Jack Links

“The tools used in this program provided me with powerful, practical information about myself as a woman leader.  The result has been increased confidence and less second guessing myself when making important decisions.”

Sara Deeg, HR Consultant, ThedaCare

I felt empowered to own who I am, not a cookie cutter of others or who I ‘should’ be for others. I’m much less likely to ‘hesitate’ in the future – I share my ideas now. I already feel more confident.”

Director, National Public Relations Agency

“I think to ignore the gender differences in leadership development is a huge mistake for all organizations.”

Director, Global Manufacturing Company

“This workshop is necessary and empowering for every woman.”

Director, Healthcare Organization

Interested in learning more, contact Beth Speak at speakb@brandtoolbox.com