About Us

 Broadview – A “Brand New” Approach
to Leadership Development

What’s Brand Got To Do With It, Anyway?

Brand Tool Box was the pioneer in establishing brand-building discipline of internal brand building  as the tool to build a strong, highly respected corporate brand. The purpose of internal brand building is to build shared leadership throughout an organization to consistently deliver on the brand promise it makes to its customers. Internal brand building turned the world of brand building inside-out, making internal cultural alignment the key brand-building tool for many of the world’s most respected organizations.

As the global leader in internal brand building we developed a series of specialized, leadership development programs creating strong personal alignment between leaders’ authentic leadership qualities and the qualities of the organization that created the most value for customers. The innovative new tools that are components of the Brand Tool Box Power of Brand Alignment curriculum became the foundation for the development of Broadview’s specialized leadership tools.

Say Hello to Broadview.

Broadview’s proven core content helps leaders become more effective by leveraging: the importance of authenticity; the power of perception management; and the strength of relationship alignment.

The power of Broadview’s leadership development programs is built on:

  • Unique proven content that fills common gaps in many existing leadership development curriculums.
  • A design that is customized for each leader.
  • Proven blended learning experience.
  • Powerful relevant content that speaks directly to the culture of today’s emerging leaders.

Young at Heart

Broadview may be young, but our curriculum and training experience has a strong family heritage. Our cadre of more than 170 certified facilitators have helped thousands of individuals from 23 different countries improve their leadership performance by mastering perception management and leveraging the power of alignment. Our development programs have been used by many different organizations across a broad range of industries, examples include 3M, AgStar, BASF, Cargill, GTE Financial, Lowe’s, Mayo Clinic, Medtronic, National Church Residences, St. Jude Medical, Securian, Stanford University Medical Center, Sunrise Banks, Target, Terex, The Mosaic Company and ThedaCare.