Women – Accelerate! Why Hesitate?

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Women leaders are under-leveraging some of their natural, powerful talents.  Research and conventional wisdom agree that women have natural perceptual abilities, which explains, in part, their superior relationship skills and leadership instincts.  At the same time research has proven that women’s sensitivities to perceptions can lead them to engage in “self-negotiating” and a tendency to hesitate in making decisions or contributing in meetings. This can impact their effectiveness as a leader and can diminish their leadership presence.


Women – Accelerate! Why Hesitate? is a powerful, hands-on leadership development experience designed specifically for women leaders, leveraging their proven, natural perceptual abilities to become an even more effective leader.


In this powerful leadership development experience each woman leader will:

  1. Learn how to avoid the natural hesitation that comes from a tendency to spend too much energy “self-negotiating” before acting.
  2. Leverage women leaders’ natural perceptual abilities and instincts to become a stronger team leader.
  3. Use self-paced, e-learning tool to clearly define your authentic leadership brand in a way that can be practically applied every day. http://www.broadviewlearning.com/training-programs/personal-brand-discovery-tool/
  4. Gain a clear, research-based understanding of how you are currently perceived, professionally and personally.

The program is built on a blended-learning instructional design platform that emphasizes interactive learning, with ample time provided for participating in small group discussion sessions, sharing and learning from other women leaders.  Prior to attending the workshop, you will begin by using an e-learning app to define your leadership strengths and conduct an assessment of how you are currently perceived by others.  The learning is anchored by attending a 6-hour facilitator-led workshop and continues with implementing your 21-day personalized acceleration action plan.

Women – Accelerate! Why Hesitate? Workshop

July 31, 2018

IDS Center, 80 South 8th Street, Minneapolis

8:30 Continental Breakfast

9:00 – 3:30 Workshop

Seats are Limited – Register Now!

Join us for a day to learn, share and be inspired!


“A phenomenal set of tools, ideas, feedback and activities to help you figure out how to be your truest, best self – at home and work!” 

Arianna Gavzy, Director Operational Excellence, Target

“The insights I learned about myself were invaluable to continue to shape myself as a leader.”

Kate Kompelien, Director Customer Experience Solutions, Avtex

“The pre-work and self-reflection was invaluable – taking the time to reflect on who I am will have a positive impact on how I show up.”

Jolene Patterson, Business Applications Delivery Manager, Andersen Corporation

Some of the Benefits of the Program


  • Clearly define your leadership brand based upon your values, authentic leadership beliefs.
  • Learn how to get credit for your strengths by closing the gap between how others perceive you as a leader and your authentic leadership brand.
  • Develop strategies to overcome misperceptions that currently hamper your growth as a leader.
  • Leverage your learning through powerful, highly engaging small group discussion sessions and expand your network of women leaders.

Workshop Description





What is the class size?

Maximum of 30


What is the self-paced e-learning activity to be done before the workshop?

After registering for the workshop, you will receive the access code and instructions for the Broadview Personal Brand Discovery Tool. Your first step is to send out requests to business associates and family/friends to complete a 2-minute perception survey of you. Your database of perceptions will be given to you in the workshop with numerous individual and group activities focused on understanding your real-life perceptions and developing actions to reshape and reinforce perceptions. The second step of the pre-workshop learning is a series of exercises to define your values, leadership strengths and style using the Personal Brand Platform framework.


You’ll want to start the process as soon as you receive your instructions to get a good sample of perceptions from over 30 respondents. The pre-workshop learning and exercises will take 1.5 – 2 hours and you can go into your personal discovery tool as often as you like.


Meet the Facilitator

Beth Speak 

Beth is the subject-matter expert and lead designer of the Women – Accelerate! Why Hesitate? program.  Her dynamic and mentoring facilitation style promotes an engaging and thoughtful learning experience for women leaders attending Women – Accelerate! Why Hesitate? program. Beth serves as a Master Trainer, certifying more than 190 trainers and coaches in Broadview leadership development programs.


Prior to joining Brand Tool Box and Broadview Leadership Development, Beth worked as a marketing manager for 3M’s category-leading Scotch® Tape and Post-it® Note brands, where she was awarded 3M’s highest marketing professionalism award. Before her headquarter marketing role, she was a top-producing sales leader based in Southern California. Her experiences as a female leader and mentor in each of her corporate roles have provided her many insights for Women-Accelerate! Why Hesitate? program development.


Beth’s training experiences and insights have benefited clients from a broad spectrum of industries and professional services, including 3M, AgStar Financial Services, BASF, Cargill, Consumers Energy, Ecumen, GTE Federal Credit Union, Securian, St. Jude Medical, Stanford Health Care, and Target.

Download a pdf of the workshop description here.