Broadview Personal Brand Discovery Tool

Name It. Measure It. Manage It.

As a real estate professional the strength of your personal brand will have a big impact on your success.  What differentiates the most successful real estate professionals from all others is their laser-like focus on building their personal brand.  Any real estate professional can build a strong personal brand, it’s a matter of discipline, not dollars.  The proven discipline of building a strong personal brand is based upon three simple principles – “Name it. Measure it. Manage it.”


Thousands of business professionals have used the three powerful e-learning tools contained within the Broadview® Personal Brand Discovery Tool to:

  1. Define the most important, authentic qualities that differentiate their personal brand – Naming the precise dimensions of a personal brand provides the foundation for building a strong personal brand.
  2. Gain a real world measurement of how one’s personal brand is perceived by others – providing a practical understanding of the perception gap – the difference between one’s personal brand potential and how they are currently being perceived.
  3. Put in place an action plan to manage perceptions – making sure your authentic differentiating qualities are consistently perceived by clients and prospects – helping maximize one’s personal brand potential.

By learning how to name, measure and manage your personal brand will produce organic marketing strength that drives the engine of client referral power.


This proven process will unlock the potential of your personal brand, providing a breakthrough for the potential of your career as a real estate professional!


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