Authentic Personal Branding

For Students

Creating a Strong Professional Presence

Curriculum Introduction

Personal brand has become business professionals’ framework for managing their career development. Personal brand management has become a required competency for today’s emerging business professionals and it is much more comprehensive than “polishing” one’s resume or managing one’s presence on social media. For students, the purpose of personal brand management is to focus the student’s authentic strengths, her/his competencies and character, and learn how to have their leadership potential recognized by others.


Broadview’s Authentic Personal Branding curriculum is adapted from a proven leadership-development program used by tens of thousands business professionals around the world.  The instructional design and hands-on digital, e-learning tools will provide students with a personal brand management competency that works in the real world.  Each student will learn the important leadership competency of perception management; how to use a practical, proven framework to define the distinctive dimensions of their authentic personal brand; receive a data driven, factual understanding of how her/his brand is perceived by others today; gain an accurate benchmark measurement of their current personal brand management competency; and how to use a set of action-planning tools for students to begin to build a stronger personal brand immediately.


Personal brand management is a necessary competency to succeed in today’s fast-paced global economy.  A well-developed personal brand management competency will enable students to leverage his/her investment in their education and place them on a path to have their leadership potential recognized by others.


Curriculum Description


The content and instructional design of this learning experience is based upon professional development programs used by corporations for more than 10 years and has been customized and tested for use with student-aged adults.


The curriculum can be configured to be delivered as a 6-8-week workshop or full semester course. The fourteen content modules provide the facilitator with a framework to deliver the learning objectives of the course.  The modules are designed to be delivered in a 60-90-minute class session. The curriculum allows for adding minor content additions to support customization by a facilitator.


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Curriculum Resources


Student Materials

  • Broadview Personal Brand Discovery Tool e-learning program
    • Series of 8 podcast tutorials led by Karl D. Speak, personal brand subject matter expert, guiding each student through a process to define and affirm her/his authentic personal brand strengths and character.
    • Each student will use a Personal Brand Assessment research tool to develop a statistically reliable report describing how she/he is perceived by others (their real personal brand).
    • Worksheets and Action Plan Guides for student development of customized personal brand strategies
  • Be Your Own Brand, the best-selling personal brand text

Faculty Support

  • Broadview Authentic Personal Branding certification with master trainer
  • Faculty facilitator guide for class discussions, small group and pair exercises/discussions
  • Video segments supporting key content areas and principles
  • Ongoing support

Institution Opportunity

  • Broadview will provide valuable content for students, proven instructional design, and certify a faculty facilitator without cost to the institution.


Curriculum Benefits

  • Gain a working knowledge of the principles of perception management and the role perceptions play in leadership, working in teams and creating a strong presence representing one’s authentic strengths and personal character.
  • Learn to apply the principles of perception management so that others understand a student’s authentic strengths and outstanding qualities of her/his personal character.
  • Learn the principles of building a strong personal brand, enabling a student to build professional and personal relationships reflecting her/his authentic strengths and personal character.
  • Using a practical model of personal brand each student will define and affirm his/her authentic personal brand platform (outstanding personal qualities) starting with clarifying their personal values.
  • Using a real-time perception research tool each student will gain a statistically reliable assessment of how she/he is perceived by others.
  • Using the analysis of the personal perception data and comparing it to the student’s personal brand platform, a student will discover and develop strategies to narrow existing “perception gaps” that may be preventing his/her strengths and personal character from being recognized by others.
  • Develop a 21-day action plan enabling each student to use the power of personal brand management to get credit for her/his authentic strengths.