Training Programs

Our first training workshop was conducted in 1990 helping marketing professionals develop their brand management competency. Our focus on leadership development programs began in earnest following the publication of Be Your Own Brand, a book by Karl D. Speak, principle of Broadview. Be Your Own Brand was the pioneering, best-selling book on personal brand. The focus of the book was to help business professionals define and be true to their values; master the competency of perception management; and stressed the importance of aligning one’s authentic values and leadership strengths with their employer’s culture.


The first application of these principles was in the development of an internal brand-building curriculum. The core of the curriculum focused on helping employees align their personal brand with the authentic qualities of an organization’s brand.


Our curriculum has been expanded to include a series of diverse, specialty leadership development programs. All of our programs are practical by nature, employ proven instructional design, use content that participants find genuinely interesting and encourage each leader to value their authenticity and be more of who they are.