Securian was created to become the new corporate identity for Minnesota Life. The identity change was a reflection of its long-standing corporate strategy to create a broad-based financial services company, expanding from its legacy life insurance business. The focus on the long-term strategy resulted in growing five successful business units representing a diversified financial services company. The next step to extend its business strategy was to create a culture of shared leadership, based upon a singular “Securian Way” culture, across all business units. Without shared leadership across all business units, the promise behind the Securian name would be meaningless and offer no strategic advantage for the company.



The company’s 125 years of success in a very competitive marketplace proved there was indeed a “Securian Way,” a set of cultural values that served as the operating ethos of their business operations. The “Securian Way” was alive and well, but not documented. The lack of a clear articulation of the “Securian Way” was a roadblock to fostering shared leadership across the organization. Research studies were conducted with internal and external audiences to identify the outstanding features of the internal culture, i.e. the “Securian Way.” The result of the research studies were combined with other input to develop a comprehensive set of definitions that produced a practical definition of the “Securian Way.”

After working with the senior management team of Securian, a team of Brand Tool Box consultants designed a comprehensive organizational development initiative to be implemented across the entire company. It began with a six-month long internal communications program, which was followed by a series of Brand Tool Box® Internal Brand-Building workshops. Internal trainers within Securian were trained to facilitate the Brand Tool Box® Brand Alignment workshops, which help employees at all levels better understand their organization’s brand. To reinforce concepts learned through the workshops, a comprehensive set of departmental-level coaching sessions along with several follow up programs were implemented.



Securian now has a brand and high growth business prospects led for the power of shared leadership across all of its business units. Over 5,000 employees have been trained and are now engaged in the organization’s brand. In addition the Brand Tool Box Brand Alignment workshops have been integrated into Securian’s on-boarding process to sustain and foster its culture of shared leadership.