National Church Residences is the largest and most comprehensive not-for-profit developer and manager of affordable senior housing in the United States. The organization manages over 330 communities in 28 states. National Church Residences has a growing employee base of over 2400 individuals and is growing at a steady pace. The growing senior population coupled with the pressures in Medicare and Medicaid financing is placing demands for the affordable housing industry to become more efficient. As a leader in the industry National Church Residences will on the forefront of leading this change. The senior management team at National Church Residences knew at the core of their success was their culture, known as “The National Church Residences Way.” National Church Residences retained Brand Tool Box to define “The National Church Residences Way” using our brand platform framework and to use our proven internal brand building process to actively engage its culture to consistently integrate the “The National Church Residences Way” in their daily activities.



Broadview conducted a comprehensive quantitative brand research study to determine the strength of the organization’s current market position and possible re-positioning alternatives. A similar research study was conducted to assess the internal brand or culture of the organization. The employee assessment showed different cultures across different communities (organizational units) as well as gaps between the understandings of the brand (“National Church Residences Way”) between facilities and the corporate office. Following the development and implementation of the brand platform (“The National Church Residences Way”), Broadview worked with National Church Residences’ human resource and training departments to implement the Brand Tool Box® Internal Brand-Building Program to all 2,400 employees. To coordinate the internal branding with the external brand building Brand Tool Box developed and implemented a brand positioning strategy that included developing a robust brand platform, new corporate identity and a new brand identity system that balanced the needs of building a strong corporate brand while balancing the needs for brand identity at the local community level.



National Church Residences’ market position as the leader continues to grow because of its focused and differentiated marketing communications. This leadership position has placed it in a position to evaluate a number of attractive property acquisition candidates. In addition its internal culture is highly energized and engaged producing positive impact on operating efficiencies and turnover rates. Building a strong brand inside and outside is enabling the organization to capture its targeted share of the emerging growth potential in the consolidating industry.