Broadview Announces Powerful E-learning Leadership Development Tool

Minneapolis, February 18, 2016 – Authentic leadership offers the promise of leading with the power of one’s natural strengths and the confidence that comes from being respected by one’s peers and team members. Broadview has announced the availability of an e-learning development tool that provides individuals with two practical tools to leverage their own brand of authentic leadership. This leadership development tool guides individuals through a learning experience that makes the powerful connection between one’s personal character and perception management as a platform for building one’s authentic leadership style.

The Broadview® Personal Brand Discovery Tool is a powerful self-paced e-learning, multi-platform personal development tool. The unique, interactive development tool guides individuals through a personalized learning experience to identify the qualities that are truly authentic to them; measure with statistical accuracy how their authentic qualities are perceived by others; and use a set of personalized action-learning tools to more consistently lead with authenticity.

More detail information about this product here. (Check out the partying penguins!)

According to Kathryn Henriksen, the lead developer of the product, “The purpose of this innovative development tool is to provide leaders of all levels with the practical tools that will enable and encourage them to be more of who they are and support their desire to be respected as a leader who acts with authenticity.”

The content for this e-learning experience is based upon the pioneering, best-selling book on personal brand, Be Your Own Brand. Karl D. Speak, the principal author of Be Your Own Brand says, “The Broadview Personal Brand Discovery Tool is the second generation of a product that has been used by tens of thousands of business professionals that puts the concepts in my book into action to develop more effective and confident leaders.”

In addition to its use as a leadership-development tool, the Broadview Personal Brand Discovery Tool is being used as a self-paced learning module with Broadview’s three leadership development programs.

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